Kosher-Booking. Kosher Food Abroad
Kosher Food is on the way. Maximum Vacation. Maximum Taste. Minimum Worry.

About Kosher-Booking

With Kosher Booking, you get kosher meals in many more hotels.

This is the end of compromises. You  choose the hotel,
 we make sure that kosher food is served to you.

Can we ask for better than that?

Kosher Booking is here to make your vacation kosher at fair prices,

save you time, and with a variety that will thrill you.

With Kosher-Booking, hotels become Kosher!
The age of compromise has ended. You choose the hotel. We make sure Kosher food is served to you at the table.

Kosher-Booking is designed to help you enjoy the whole aspect of a good kosher vacation at fair prices, in your chosen hotel.

A rich and luxurious breakfast, lunch sandwiches and a full and varied dinner!

Full-board, kosher and tasty in new and far places

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) we have collected from our customers.

You can contact us about any subject. We will be happy to hear from you.